Citizenship by Investment Programme allows reputable investors and their eligible family members to legally obtain citizenship in return for a significant investment by a direct contribution to the Government (commonly known as the contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund route or the purchase of pre-approved real estate project.

Yes, we manage the whole process for you remotely from the comfort of your home.

Yes, the laws of certain countries recognize and allow dual citizenship and you are not required to renounce your other citizenships. In some cases, you are not required to reside in the country to keep your citizenship status.

This depends on your personal requirements. Most citizenship programmes have similar benefits that you can avail of. Please speak to one of our Advisors who will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable programme for you.

Yes, you may apply for citizenship with your wife or husband, dependent children, and dependent parents. Fees for family members vary according to the number of family members included in a citizenship application.

Yes, subject to the fulfilment of certain requirements, citizenship can be extended to your spouse, dependent children, dependent parents and grandparents, spouses of dependent parents and grandparents, and dependent siblings. Fees vary according to the number of family members you include in your application for citizenship.

The unit engages only with Authorized Agents. You can contact an Authorized Agent with regards to questions pertaining to your application.

Each main applicant and all permitted dependents who are 16 years and older are required to produce a police clearance certificate.


It takes approximately 4 months to get your passport from any of the Caribbean countries and approximately 2 months to get it for Vanuatu. The European (Turkey and Portugal) programmes could range anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.

The application process itself is confidential, except where necessary checks are carried out by authorised due diligence agencies and international partners.

No, you don’t have to attend a mandatory interview. However, an interview may be required at the discretion of the Government.

No, you don’t have to travel as part of the application process. In exceptional circumstances where an interview is required, you would be required to meet face-to-face. However, should you be unable to attend an interview, an interview can be scheduled in certain centers outside of the country, subject to you being able and willing to pay applicable costs.

No. You must submit your application in English only.

A Police Clearance Certificate is a document provided by a law enforcement agency confirming the absence of a criminal record.

As per the laws and citizen of any Caribbean country, you would be entitled to a passport and consequently its’ renewal as well.

Please get in touch with our Advisors and we would be happy to send you a breakdown of costs and timelines, as it varies from country to country.