Visa-free access to 125 countries

No need to renounce your current citizenship(s)

Approval in 7 days, passport in 2 months

Required Investment from $130,000 USD

Introducing Vanuatu

Vanuatu offers a streamlined route to citizenship-by-investment with no physical residency required and an attractive offering for investors seeking visa-free travel to the European Union, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, etc. The Vanuatu Development Support Programme (DSP) was created by the Government of Vanuatu in 2017. The Objective of the Plan is to facilitate and attract overseas investors. Vanuatu has passed and enacted all necessary legislation and regulations. The contribution starts from $130,000 to the Vanuatu Development Support Programme (DSP) fund.

Vanuatu Benefits

The Economic Citizenship Programme offers applicants a wealth of benefits and privileges:

  • Visa-free access to 125 countries including Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia etc.
  • Lifetime citizenship extended to future generations of family and children.
  • No need to renounce your current citizenship(s), therefore benefiting from all nationalities.
  • Descent Law applies.
  • Approval in 7 days, passport in 2 months


Port Villa

Time Zone

UTC - 4


Bislama (official), English (official), French (official)


vatu (VT), which floats against a basket of currencies including the US dollar.

Exchange Rate

1 US Dollar = 118.09 VUV


334,506 (2023)

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    Program Requirements

    Applicants must meet one of the following investment options and other requirements marked with *

    Donate To The National Economic Fund

    • US$130,000: Single applicant.
    • US$150,000: Main applicant with spouse.
    • US$ 165,000 Married Couple with 1 child under 18
    • US$ 180,000Married Couple with 2 children under 18

    The Process


    Client shares passport copy/ies for pre-screening


    Once cleared, we prepare a retainer agreement for signing


    iKonnect assists client with preparation of documents


    iKonnect submits files to citizenship by investment unit