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What are the Most Affordable Second Citizenship Programmes?

What are the Most Affordable Second Citizenship Programmes?

Citizenship by investment programs offered by various countries is about the amount of money you will invest in the real state or bonds approved and provided by their governments. Thus, it is essential to know the amount investors need to pay for their second citizenship. The Caribbean countries are well-known for offering the most affordable citizenship through investment programs. Below, we will investigate the most affordable dual citizenship provided by these countries and other countries worldwide.


Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme offers two options to citizenship applicants. One should note that this donation is non-refundable.

Government donations: 

Real estate investment:

At least USD 225,000 is required to be invested in a piece of real estate, plus the government charges varying according to the number of applicants (the primary applicant and their dependents). This investment should be held for at least three years; after five years, it can be sold to another citizenship applicant.  

You do not need to relocate to Dominica to acquire citizenship, and there are no minimum stay requirements. Visa-free access to over 120 countries is one of the significant benefits of Dominican citizenship. 

Antigua and Barbuda

The government of Antigua and Barbuda offers three citizenship-by-investment programs:


All of these offers can be done remotely. Visa-free access to 129 countries is possible once the applicants receive their visas. 

Starting a company:

Running a firm in the UAE can secure a permanent residency for entrepreneurs and reward them with exceptional and exclusive opportunities only available through running a business in the UAE. The UAE market is thriving, and it is already a famous global business hub with a growing reputation internationally. Corporate and income tax exemption (except for oil companies and banks) is another attractive aspect of running a UAE business.

There are also other ways to obtain the UAE’s permanent residency:

Establishing a company is still the most popular option among business people as they will not need to perform any business activities after forming a company. Yet, still, this method provides them with a fast shortcut to obtaining residency. Thus, this option can be desirable for those who want to retire or do not intend to work in the UAE.

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