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Path to Having a Dominican Second Citizenship

Path to Having a Dominican Second Citizenship

There are many reasons for considering Dominica as a second home country:


Plus these items, there are a few citizenships by investment programmes as attractive as Dominica worldwide. The investment can be made through the government’s Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme. The advantages of applying for this program are as follows:

  1. Easy application: The process of applying for Dominican citizenship is smooth and fast. The approval process takes less than three months, with the applicant not involved much in providing input.
  2. Reasonable and straightforward requirements: No minimum stay, age restriction, and language tests are required to obtain Dominican citizenship. A clean criminal record, good health, and approved wealth status are all that need to be approved by the Dominican government. 
  3. Permanent citizenship: under no change of rules or government decisions in the future, citizenship can be cancelled. 
  4. Affordability: Foreign investors decide to acquire citizenship by investing in real estate or donating to the government programme; the starting prices are USD 100,000 and USD 250,000, respectively. 
  5. Dual citizenship possibility: Citizenship applicants do not need to relinquish their passport to acquire their new passport issued by the Dominican government. Also, since the application process is confidential, the applicant’s home country will not be aware of the citizenship application.
  6. Global mobility: As a member of Commonwealth nations, Dominica’s citizens have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 120 countries, including all the European Union countries. Dominican passport is ranked 40 globally. Being a member of the Commonwealth nation facilitates obtaining a business visa in other Commonwealth nations.
  7. Exceptional tax conditions: Applicants are not expected to pay foreign income or capital gains tax unless they start living on the island – and they will not be considered a tax resident until they live there for more than half a year. Tax residents are not subject to in-country taxes (such as wealth, personal income, or inheritance tax) and benefit from tax incentive packages (including holidays and tax waivers). Because of all these benefits, more foreign investors are becoming interested in starting their businesses in Dominica.  
  8. Peaceful environment for living: Dominica offers a stable and secure lifestyle with exceptional natural sights, and the country is considered one of the top ecotourism destinations.

The Dominican government offers two options for foreign investors to apply for citizenship:



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