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How Much Does it Cost to Invest in Vanuatu to Get citizenship?

How Much Does it Cost to Invest in Vanuatu to Get citizenship?

The Republic of Vanuatu is an archipelago nation and constitutes eighty-two islands in the South Pacific Ocean. This country has approximately one hundred languages, with English, French, and Bislama being the most common ones. These entire tropical islands enjoy a vibrant environment and vast cultural diversity, and the country has a strong tourism industry. Vanuatu has strong ties with Australia, New Zealand, and members of the European Union. It is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.


Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship




The eligibility criteria to qualify for applying for the Citizenship by investment program offered by the Vanuatu government are as follows:


A general scheme of the procedure is as follows:


  1. Apply for the pre-approval phase:  This stage includes submitting the relevant pre-approval documents and paying the submission fees.
  2. Pre-approval confirmation phase: In this stage, you will receive a written pre-approval confirmation from the Financial Intelligence Unit issued by the government. The applicant can proceed according to these requisites, pay the entire investment amount, and submit the required documents.
  3. Fulfilling the requisites: In this stage, the Vanuatu Citizen Commission reviews if the Financial Intelligence Unit’s requisites are fulfilled.
  4. Citizenship Approval: The Vanuatu prime minister approves the applicant’s Citizenship at this stage.
  5. Citizenship Oath: This stage is required by the Vanuatu Government Commissioner of Oath and does not require the applicant to be present to carry out this task physically. A certificate of Citizenship will be granted immediately at this stage, while the Vanuatu passport will be issued afterwards.


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